Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Spills On Her Manager’s Clever Method Of Finding Out When Idols Are Meeting In Hotels

“Some male idols have been caught this way before…”

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon recently spilled on a clever tactic to know when idols are dating or meeting each other in hotes, one which she says she learned from her manager.

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Former trainees and K-Pop idols themselves have opened up before about the difficulties of dating as an idol. Not only is it hard due to time constraints and, allegedly, contract requirements, but it can even be difficult due to financial issues, as many idols often find themselves struggling financially.

Additionally, the fact that rumors spread so easily can make dating a stressful issue for many idols. Recently, for example, fromis_9′s Jiheon had to shut down a dating rumor between herself and ENYHPEN‘s Sunghoon after she was ‘caught’ supposedly lingering behind and looking at him after an interview in Music Bank (Sunghoon is an MC at the show).

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Hyoyeon touched on the subject in her recent guest appearance on SBS‘s Dolsing Fourmen.

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Along with labelmate Super Junior‘s Heechul and former SISTAR member Soyou, Hyoyeon discussed how many people assume that it’s easy for idols to meet when they’re invited to perform in overseas concerts and stay at the same hotel.

hyoyeon heechul soyou

But that couldn’t be further from the case. Soyou explained that, in reality, male and female idols stay on different floors, often with bodyguards as well.


Yet, some idols still manage to find ways to meet each other in secret. And Hyohyeon has a smart trick to find out when that’s happening.

You know how AirDrop is used to transfer files wirelessly between iPhones, so your iPhone can detect nearby iPhones, right? If they are close enough, then you can see the names of their iPhones.

— Hyoyeon

Therefore, she hilariously explained, if you see a male idol’s iPhone nearby, you will know that he has come to the girls’ floor.


Hyoyeon learned this method from her manager. While she has yet to test the method out herself, she says that her manager knows it has worked well in the past!

My manager also told me that some male idols have been caught this way before. So, I want to test it myself the next time I get invited to an overseas concert.

— Hyoyeon

It would be funny to see Hyoyeon test her trick, perhaps even at SM Entertainment‘s upcoming family concert tour SMTOWN LIVE in August.

But of course, it wouldn’t be surprising if all idols now turned off their AirDrop now that she has exposed it!

Source: SBS News and YouTube

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