Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Has A Strong Opinion On Marriage Proposals—Here’s What She Thinks

Not everyone will agree.

Recently, Seohyun and Lee Jun Young of the S&M-themed Netflix movie Love And Leashes sat down for an interview with YouTube channel The Swoon.

Lee Jun Young (left) and Seohyun (right) | Netflix

The topic of relationships was naturally brought up, and the Girls’ Generation member even revealed her thoughts on marriage proposals—specifically public ones.

Seohyun in a wedding dress. | JTBC

Some people may prefer the attention, but Seohyun isn’t one of them. She would not like to be proposed to in front of a crowd because there’s always a chance that she’ll turn her partner down. Rejecting him in front of many strangers would be embarrassing, but lying and taking it back later would be hurtful.

Either way, she would be placed in a difficult position.

Not in front of a crowd. I might say no. Saying no would break his heart, let alone in front of a crowd. But just because people are watching, I can’t say yes and later tell him I didn’t mean it. I can’t do that.

— Seohyun

As long as she and her partner trust each other, Seohyun believes that it would be “nice” to have the blessing of many people. She called it something that many women dream about.

But if he is asking me to marry him, under the assumption that we already have faith in each other and we’re ready to marry each other, the proposal with blessings from a lot of people would be nice too. That’s something a lot of women would dream of.

— Seohyun

Now that Seohyun has made her opinion on marriage proposals known, her future partner simply needs to take down notes!


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