Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Is The Perfect Person To Be The MC In “Queendom 2” — And Mnet’s Exclusive New Preview Just Proved It

She is Grand Master Taeyeon!

In the past, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon expressed some concern over being chosen to MC Mnet‘s Queendom 2. But the exclusive preview that was recently dropped by Mnet proves what everyone already knew: Taeyeon is the perfect person to be the MC!

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While she is known as one of the biggest legends in K-Pop, Taeyeon confessed earlier this year that she actually felt pressured about this role. The reason why? Because she knows all too well what the competitors are going through, and therefore how hard it will be.

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But the fact that Taeyeon is so considerate of what her juniors are going through is what makes her such a celebrated icon. She has proved many times that she is one of the most supportive seniors to younger artists—and this empathy has not gone unnoticed! Almost everyone in Queendom 2 has special memories of Taeyeon, either as a supportive senior or as a source of inspiration. The Brave Girls‘s Yujeong, for example, related how Taeyeon’s thoughtfulness has always been very touching, as well as motivating, for the group…

…while Kep1er‘s Chaehyun said that Taeyeon is the main reason why she was able to pursue her dream of becoming an artist.

With an iconic introduction that reminded everyone of just how much of a legend she is…

…Taeyeon gave everyone in the room (and everyone watching) total goosebumps.

But more importantly, she also proved why she is actually exactly the perfect person for the role. While Taeyeon may have felt pressured about being Queendom 2‘s MC, she has always been the perfect role model and inspiration for her juniors since the beginning, and who better than someone as caring and supportive as her to MC the show?

She is, after all, ‘Grand Master MC Taeyeon’!

Fans know the competitors will face a lot of difficulties during Queendom 2, but it’s comforting to know that Taeyeon, the most supportive sunbaenim, will be there to head the show!

You can watch the exclusive preview on the link below.

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