Girls’ Generation YoonA Makes Reference To Her And 2PM Junho’s Fandoms In K-Drama “King The Land”

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Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA (also known as Lim Yoon A or Im Yoon Ah) made a subtle but sweet reference to both her and co-star 2PM‘s Junho‘s (also known as Lee Jun Ho) fandoms during their K-Drama King the Land.

YoonA (left) and Junho (right)

Fans much anticipated the idol-actors’ rom-com as the two have known each other for over a decade and previously worked together as emcees and performed stages together.

King the Land surely did not disappoint as YoonA and Junho showcased their natural chemistry. They even incorporated aspects of their true friendship, such as their handshake.

Since they have a long history working together while promoting as members of Girls’ Generation and 2PM, respectively, they had fun on set. While filming, they even played a “Guess the Song” game, singing each other’s songs while gargling water.

But YoonA made a sweet reference to both their fandoms that made it into King the Land.


By the finale, YoonA’s character, Sa Rang, opens a mini hotel of her own (like an Airbnb) called “Hotel Amor.” She painted two chairs while decorating the place, and the color choices were intentional. One was pink, while the other was yellow.

Girls’ Generation’s fandom S♥NE (So-One)’s official fandom color is Pastel Rose Pink. 2PM’s fandom Hottest’s fandom color is Metallic Grey, but Junho’s official fandom color is yellow!

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Their fans were pleasantly surprised by the Easter egg in King the Land. It shows how much YoonA really appreciates and loves them.

The chairs in the photo were pink for Girls’ Generation’s SONE fandom color and yellow for Junho’s fandom color.

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This was such a sweet gesture!

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