Why We Still Have Hope That Girls’ Generation’s YoonA And 2PM’s Lee Junho Might Be Dating Despite Companies’ Denial

We think we’ve seen this film before, and we did like the ending…

JTBC‘s K-Drama King the Land has become a huge hit as it’s led by longtime friends Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA and 2PM‘s Lee Junho.

YoonA (left) and Junho (right)

Netizens haven’t been able to get over these two’s chemistry. On the other hand, fans of the K-Pop idols are not too surprised as they have previously collaborated and been friendly for 10+ years.

Some fans have even been shipping YoonA and Junho. So, when media outlet Proof released an exclusive report that they were dating IRL, many were overjoyed.

An industry insider revealed to PROOF that Lee Junho and Lim Yoona had been dating before filming JTBC’s weekend drama King The Land — The two are said to have chosen this drama for that reason.


Still, nothing is confirmed until we hear it from the artists themselves. Initially, Junho and YoonA’s respective companies, JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment, shared their first statements regarding the report.

This is the first time we’ve heard (the rumor). We are looking into it.

— JYP Entertainment

We are looking into it.

— SM Entertainment

Yet, later, both companies denied the earlier reports about the King the Land lead actors’ relationship via the media outlet Newsen. They both claimed the idols are just “close,” but they are not dating.

The two are close but the reports that they are dating are not true.

— JYP Entertainment

YoonA is close with Junho, but the rumors that they are dating are not true.

— SM Entertainment

Fans of YoonA and Junho who had hoped to see them together on and off-screen had been hopeful, but they might not have to give up hope just quite yet…

Since the start of 2019, actors Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin had been wrapped up in dating rumors. Yet, both of their companies denied it.

Son Ye Jin is currently vacationing alone. Her parents are currently in Korea.

— MSTeam Entertainment

Hyun Bin has been overseas for personal business. He is not with Son Ye Jin.

— VAST Entertainment

Like YoonA and Junho, fans only shipped them even harder when they starred as leads in a K-Drama. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin starred in the hit K-Drama Crash Landing on You in 2019-2020, and the chemistry was clearly not just on-screen but also off-screen.

So, fans rejoiced when Dispatch revealed the 2021 New Year Couple to be Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, and they quickly confirmed it themselves. Since then, the couple have married and even had a baby together!

Hyun Bin (left) and Son Ye Jin (right)

Considering this successful couple’s dating life was previously denied by both companies, fans might be able to hold out hope for the King the Land couple.

King The Land

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