Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Has This One Eating Habit That Helps Her Stay Slim

She doesn’t even do it on purpose.

Girl’s Generation‘s YoonA has always been slim. Her body is known for being delicate and petite, despite having curves at the same time. The secret to her great body is definitely in her genes, but there is also one crucial habit she has that helps her maintain her slim figure.

During an appearance on fellow member Yuri‘s YouTube channel, YoonA shared her diet habit that keeps the pounds off. As the two ate Vietnamese cuisine, YoonA revealed that she really loves foods such as Pho. She shared that she eats Pho really often and that it is a natural answer whenever someone asks what foods she likes. Not only does it keep her insides warm, it is also tasty!

Yuri added on to share that YoonA prefers blander foods like Pho and steamed spring rolls. Yuri continued that YoonA does not like any foods that make you gain weight.

YoonA had something to say about that! She shared the misconception that people think that she likes such foods because she tries to maintain my weight. However, YoonA simply naturally prefers foods such as chicken breast and other blander foods.

YoonA stands at 168cm tall, with a weight of about 48kg. With such tastebuds that help her diet, it is no wonder that YoonA has nothing to worry about!

Source: Star Today

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