Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Receiving Criticism For Using Broadcast To Promote Her House Just To Sell It

Netizens think she was trying to promote her apartment for her own profit.

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon has been receiving some criticism after netizens accused her of appearing on a variety show to show off her house, and then selling the house for a large profit shortly after.

It has been confirmed that Hyoyeon recently listed her Songdo penthouse apartment for ₩3.7 billion KRW ($3,058,207 USD) on March 26. Back in March, she introduced viewers to her penthouse apartment as a “fantastic ocean view apartment”, and the cast of the program were in awe of her home and the view it has.

Back in 2012, Hyoyeon purchased the home in a luxurious complex for ₩1.2 billion KRW. Her house is the penthouse on the top floor, 60th floor, of the building. With the way the mortgage of the apartment worked, Hyoyeon took our a loan of around ₩900 million KRW for the apartment, and paid around ₩350 million KRW of her own money. If the apartment sells at her listed price, Hyoyeon stands to make almost 10 times her initial investment into the apartment.

Some people in the real estate industry believe it’s not realistic for Hyoyeon to expect to receive ₩3.7 billion KRW for the apartment, especially due to the current ongoing Coronavirus outbreak. Due to the timing of the sale and her appearance on television, netizens and even a real estate agent believe she appeared on the show in order to promote her apartment.

Even if we use a top-class interior, it is not easy to find a buyer right now because the entire real estate market is in a slump, and there is also the burden that the place is too expensive.

For these reasons, I think the star personally promoted it, emphasizing that it is a star’s home and putting emphasis on the ocean view.

— Real Estate Agent

Netizens also shared their reactions to Hyoyeon’s appearance and listing of her apartment.

  • “She’s young but so greedy.”
  • “This woman… What a price increase. People will think Songdo is a prime real estate location now.
  • “The person that buys it for 3.7 billion is mental.
  • “She showed the house on TV to sell it. Think of how poorly [the reaction] must have been for her to go on TV to sell it. I can’t hate on her because she is free to buy or sell on her own, but it’s not a good image for her.”

Watch Hyoyeon reveal her luxury penthouse below:

Source: Nate

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