Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Young Speaks Up About Racism In The Midst Of The Coronavirus Pandemic

“It saddens me to see the racism Asians around the world are faced with…”

In an Instagram update on March 24, Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Young shared her heartbreak over the racism Asians are currently facing as a result of the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic.

In the update, Tiffany said she’s saddened “to see the racism Asians around the world are faced with”. Tiffany currently lives in Los Angeles, California, acing her growing solo career in the United States. Unfortunately, many Asian-Americans in the country are reporting that they’re being targeted with racist hatred since the COVID-19 crisis began.

President Donald Trump recently came under fire for calling COVID-19 “the Chinese virus”. While the virus did originate in China, critics have stated that referring to it by this name encourages racism and prejudice towards Asians in the country.

One Korean-American chef even took to Instagram begging people not to yell at her or kick her in public just because she’s wearing a mask.

Korean American Chef Calls out Severe Racism in the States Triggered by the Coronavirus Outbreak

Tiffany told fans she’s currently doing her part in the fight against the virus by staying at home (social distancing). Unfortunately, she isn’t the only Korean artist to be affected by this racism. Eric Nam recently told a shocking story on his podcast about how he and his Asian friends were refused service in a New York restaurant.

Eric Nam Speaks Out About COVID-19 Xenophobia And Racism

One Korean-American rap duo, Year of the Ox, even made a song about the contagious racism against Asians that’s been sweeping the nation.

Korean-American Rap Duo Drops Shocking Music Video “Viral” On Contagious Racism

Ultimately, Tiffany implored everyone to try to stay strong together rather than apart, remembering to keep spreading love over hate.

i hope everyone can remember humanity and love above anything else through drastic times like this. we are fighting this together. the world needs a hug rn ❤️ [sic]

— Tiffany Young

Girls' Generation