Giveon Is Trying To Manifest A Collaboration With BTS’s V, And We’re Here To Help

Let’s make this dream a reality!

We just got an epic new collab as BTS‘s Suga is featured on late rapper Juice WRLD‘s title track “Girl Of My Dreams” off posthumous album Fighting Demons.

BTS’s Suga (left) and Lil Bibby (right). | @lilbibby_/Instagram

Now, we might have a new collab to look forward to, and it’s BTS’s V and American R&B singer-songwriter Giveon.

Giveon | @giveon/Twitter

On December 8, ARMY (@Taesfavorite_ on Twitter) simply tweeted, “Giveon ft V of BTS.”

The tweet soon went viral as ARMYs everywhere showed up. The fandom is hoping, praying, and manifesting this collab.

| Twitter

They’re not alone either. The next day, Giveon himself quote tweeted in tears, asking if we can “manifest this.” 

Fun fact: V is actually a fan of Giveon, and Giveon is clearly just as much a fan of his!

We finally saw these two interact in person at the 2021 American Music Awards. V was vibing during Giveon’s “Heartbreak Anniversary” performance, and the R&B singer went off stage to shake hands with his fan!

We’ll definitely help Giveon manifest this collab with the rest of ARMY.

We’ve low-key been attempting to manifest a BTS and Giveon collab for a while now. The fact that Giveon channeled some old-school BTS vibes at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards… Coincidence? We think not. Check it out below:

Ed Sheeran And Giveon Low-Key Channeled BTS With Their Fashion Choices At The 2021 MTV Video Music Awards

Source: @giveon

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