Where Is G.NA? The K-Pop Idol Who Got Cancelled Over A Prostitution Scandal

It’s been over half a decade since.

Gina Choi, better known as G.NA, was a K-Pop idol under CUBE Entertainment who debuted in 2010. In her six-year-long career, she made a name for herself as a soloist, having released a full-length studio album, four EPs, and multiple singles, as well as drama OSTs.

Some of G.NA’s notable works include her duet with Rain, “Things I Want TO Do When I Have A Lover,” and her feature on HyunA‘s song.”A Bitter Day.” Her debut studio album, Black And White, also brought her major popularity domestically.

| CUBE Entertainment

But it all came crashing down in 2016 when G.NA got embroiled in a prostitution scandal. She was accused of giving sexual favors to an unidentified businessman in exchange for ₩35.0 million KRW (about $28,200 USD). The singer denied the accusation, explaining that she was under the impression that she was meeting the man for a date. The person who had set them up was a friend who had lent her the money to help out with her financial situation. G.NA pleaded that she had no idea about this friend actually being a broker for high-end prostitution.

G.NA during a show’s filming in 2015 | MBC

The idol was ultimately charged with prostitution and had to pay a fine of ₩2.00 million KRW (about $1,610 USD). Following the scandal, G.NA halted all her entertainment activities and went on an undefined hiatus.

But from time to time, she has been keeping fans updated through her social media. Her Instagram updates are sometimes reflective of her past, and she also hinted at her life struggles post the scandal in an old post. Some fans even hoped for her to make a comeback in the industry.

Though there is no sign of a comeback hint on her Instagram yet, she loaded a few pictures on Instagram early this January wishing her followers a happy new year, followed by the hashtags “stillalive” and “notdeadyet.”

Fans under the post are showing support for the singer and once again reiterating their wish to see her back as a singer, whether it be as an idol or a YouTuber.

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