Late Goo Hara’s Biological Mother Speaks on TV for the First Time Following Inheritance Controversy

Goo Hara’s biological mother was asked about her stance on demanding half of late Goo Hara’s inheritance.

On a recent episode of MBC’s True Story, late Goo Hara‘s biological mother spoke on TV for the first time following the inheritance controversy between her and Goo Hara’s brother, Goo Ho In.

On the show, Goo Ho In explained the current circumstances of his legal battle with his biological mother.

My biological mother continues to stress that she wants half of Goo Hara’s inheritance, but if we win the case or they give up, I want to use the money to help single moms, single dads, and aspiring celebrities.

– Goo Ho In

Goo Ho In then went on to express that he thinks it’s unfair for a mother who abandoned them at their young age to show up over 20 years later to claim one of their inheritance.

I don’t think everyone are parents just because they gave birth. It’s not fair for the law to allow someone who abandoned us and even gave up their rights to us to take her inheritance. Our biological mother, who abandoned us when we were little and even gave up her parental rights, suddenly showed up and used the law to say she’s taking half of Goo Hara’s inheritance.

– Goo Ho In

Late Goo Hara’s father also agreed with Goo Ho In’s opinion.

This person, who gave up her parental rights and lived her own life suddenly wants to sell out her own child for money.

– Goo Hara’s Father


Goo Ho In then apologized to late Goo Hara and promised to do his best for her.

I’m sorry I couldn’t help you very much, and I’ll make sure to work hard for you. I really miss you, and I love you.

– Goo Ho In

Regarding this issue, the producers of True Story tracked down late Goo Hara’s biological mother and asked about her stance on the matter.

But the biological mother simply replied,

No, I have nothing to say. Why are you acting like this? I have nothing to tell you, so just leave.

– Goo Hara’s Mother

Goo Hara passed away on November 24 of last year, but her biological mother, who abandoned her when she was little, appeared after more than 20 years to demand half of her inheritance.

Goo Hara’s brother, Goo Ho In, and the biological mother are currently in a legal battle for the division of her inheritance.

Source: Dispatch

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