Goo Hara’s Brother Reveals What He Really Wants to Do With His Biological Mother’s Share of the Inheritance

Although half of Goo Hara’s inheritance will likely go to her biological mother, Goo Ho In shared what he would do with in the case that it doesn’t.

In a recent interview with Woman Sense, late Goo Hara‘s brother, Goo Ho In spoke up about Goo Hara’s painful past growing up without a mother as well as what he wants to do with his biological mother’s share of the inheritance.


After their biological mother abandoned them at a young age, Goo Hara and Goo Ho In had to live in their relatives’ house.

Since we had to live at our relatives’ house, we always had to be mindful of others. So me and my sister’s dream was to get a house of our own.

– Goo Ho In

Goo Ho In thought back on their childhood and described what Goo Hara was like to him.

Other people saw her as a star, but she was always a normal and pitiful little sister to me. When we talked about the past together, my heart often ached because it was obvious how much of her mother’s love she craved.

– Goo Ho In

He even went on to reveal the happier side of Goo Hara’s life before her passing.

She liked delicious food, chatting with friends, and she was just an average girl in her 20s who could game all day long once she found one she liked. After debuting, her biggest dream was to sing well. She bought a karaoke machine one day and practiced at home. She must’ve wanted to be loved and acknowledged by people.

– Goo Ho In

But what gained the attention of many readers was Goo Ho In’s confession of what he wishes to do with his biological mother’s potential share of his sister’s inheritance if it didn’t go to her.

I haven’t made any detailed decisions, but I think what my sister wants the most is for the money to help other people who are going through hardships just like she did. I want it to pay for court fees for those not receiving proper child rearing fees or kids growing up in tough circumstances under divorced parents.

– Goo Ho In

Following Goo Hara’s passing last November, the law made it so that half of her inheritance would go to her father, which he passed on to Goo Ho In, while the other half would go to her biological mother.

However, their biological mother left the house when Goo Hara was 9 years old and Goo Ho In was 11 years old and never returned until she appeared at Goo Hara’s funeral to demand her inheritance.

Goo Ho In is currently making efforts to pass the Goo Hara Act, which will prevent such injustice from happening to others.

As Goo Ho In stated in the interview,

Since Hara made her money while living a lonely life without her mother, I want the money to go to people who really need it.

– Goo Ho In

Source: Dispatch

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