Goo Hara’s Dad Reveals Her Mom Cheated On Him And Caused Multiple Troubles With Different Men

Her mom responded with her own story.

JTBC aired an in-depth look into Goo Hara‘s passing and the current legal fight between her brother and her biological mom. During the segment, Goo Hara’s dad personally spoke up to reveal the truth about the mom’s many troubles that caused the drift in the family.

Goo Hara’s mom, Ms. Song, abandoned the family when Hara and her older brother were just children. She left without saying goodbye or giving them an explanation, and she didn’t reach out to them at all.

Goo Hara and her brother. | @prism_i/Instagram

Goo Hara’s dad, Mr. Goo, revealed that he initially didn’t plan on giving their mom the divorce that she wanted. But Ms. Song continually had troubles with other men, and as her behavior continued to cause trouble for his family, Mr. Goo decided it was best for him to divorce her.

I originally didn’t plan on giving her a divorce, so I lived without ever contacting her. But it got to a point where I had to divorce her. She had too much trouble with other men.

— Goo Hara’s Dad

But even when Ms. Song came demanding for a divorce, and throughout the whole process, she never once stopped to see her children.

Baby Goo Hara.

During their divorce process, Mr. Goo revealed that the mom didn’t even blink twice about giving up her parental rights to Hara and Ho In (her brother).

Mr. Goo had been raising them on his own for years already, so he took on the full rights to protect and raise his children.

The parental rights were figured out very quickly. When the judge asked her if she wants to give up her rights, she said, ‘I’ll give up my parental rights’, so I said, ‘I’ll take on the parental rights.’

We then left the building and went our separate ways. That was the end.

— Goo Hara’s Dad

But JTBC recently got a sit down and interview Ms. Song, and she told a different story. She claims that she ran away from the family because Mr. Goo threatened to kill her.

Goo Hara’s mom, Ms. Song.

She claims she couldn’t go see her children because she was scared of her husband. She also claimed she had no money to buy a phone or find a way to reach out to them.

They say I left because I cheated on him. It’s not true. He had grabbed a knife – a kitchen knife – and threatened to kill me.

At the time, I couldn’t go see [my kids]. I received news about them through their aunt. Even now, I get muscle spasm and my heart shakes when I think about that time.

— Goo Hara’s Mom

But Goo Hara’s diary entries that were recently revealed told a different story. Hara claimed in one of her early entries that her mom would bring her along while cheating on their dad. She was just a child at the time.


Goo ___ dad. I’m like this because of Song ___ who birthed me. You used to take me around while cheating on dad, and you…

Why did you give birth to me if you were going to be this way?

— Hara

One of Goo Hara’s closest friends also spoke up and confirmed that Hara’s mom cheated on her dad, which ultimately caused the divorce. Hara was only in kindergarten and elementary school when her mom would outright cheat on her dad with different men.

Goo Hara’s close friend, Ms. Kim.

Goo Hara knew when she was just a young child, in kindergarten and elementary school, that her mom was cheating on her dad and going to meet different men.

— Goo Hara’s Friend

Goo Ho In, Hara’s brother, also doesn’t believe in his mom’s claims. Hara and he didn’t live with their dad for many years. Their dad traveled all over the country as he was busy trying to make enough to provide for his children.

Ho In claims that if their mom really wanted to see them, it would be very easy to see them without ever running into their dad.


Ms. Song’s claims that she had no money to see her children were also proven unlikely as she lived very close to Hara in Seoul. When Hara sought out her mom after 20 years, she discovered that her mom had been living within 10-minute driving distance from her home and that she had been going around bragging that she was Hara’s mom ever since Hara became famous.

It would have been more than easy to reconnect with her children if she truly wanted to.

Goo Hara and her brother.

As Hara’s brother takes their mom to court over Hara’s inheritance, Hara’s dad expressed how he’s still deeply grieving over the loss of his only daughter.

He tries to comfort himself by thinking that she’s just busy promoting in Japan instead of in heaven.

She used to promote in Japan, so even now, I often think, “My daughter is in Japan. She’s in Japan right now.” It helps me find comfort in some ways.

— Goo Hara’s Dad

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