Goo Hara’s Ex-Boyfriend Reportedly Not Coping Well With News Of Her Death

His friend revealed how he’s been reacting to the news.

With news of Goo Hara‘s death by suicide, many netizens began to point fingers at her ex-boyfriend, Choi Jong Bum. Many claim the recent legal battle she was facing against him and the cruel reactions from malicious commenters that soon followed were a part of the reasons why she decided to take her own life.


The popular hairstylist and Goo Hara began dating after meeting on a show, but their relationship soon took a turn when they both accused each other of assault.

The story developed to reveal that Choi Jong Bum had taken a sex cam of Goo Hara, allegedly without her consent, and threatened her with it. Choi Jong Bum was found guilty of threatening Goo Hara, assaulting her, and damaging her property but was reportedly given a light sentencing.


After news of her passing broke, Choi Jong Bum’s friend opened up in an interview to reveal that Choi Jong Bum has been facing a difficult time with Goo Hara’s death.

The friend is another hairstylist who works nearby Choi Jong Bum’s newly opened salon. He revealed that none of the colleagues talk about Goo Hara due to the sensitive nature of the topic.

[Choi Jong Bum] had a difficult time even since the controversy about the assault and revenge porn.

After he heard about Goo Hara’s passing, he hasn’t been coping well. Everything related to Goo Hara is a sensitive situation for him, so the colleagues decided to not talk about it.

It’s difficult for me to tell you anything more.

— Choi Jong Bum’s Friend


Choi Jong Bum has turned his Instagram to private and his newly opened salon remains closed indefinitely.

The outside of Choi Jong Bum’s salon that opened in May.


Prayers go out to Goo Hara, her loved ones and everyone mourning her loss.

Source: TV Daily

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