Goo Hara’s Brother Reveals She Tried To Take Her Life More Times Than It Was Reported

He had it hidden from the press each time.

Goo Hara‘s brother had recently sat down to bare his heart out about the loss of his beloved sister and how their mom had been trying to steal her assets despite abandoning her when she was just a child.

But during his interview, he also revealed that Goo Hara had actually tried to take her own life on more occasions than it was actually reported. Goo Hara’s first reported suicide attempt was back in May 2019. The only other time reported was the day of her death on November 2019.

But Goo Ho In revealed that there were other times when Goo Hara chose desperate decisions but he had it hidden from the press each time with the help of her agency.

To be honest, my sister had tried to take her life on other occasions as well. Not every one of her attempts were reported on the news, but I had always stopped everything to run to Seoul and take care of my sister each time it had happened.

In order to avoid the press from finding out, I would ask the agency’s help to move her to a well protected hospital. I kept by her side until she was better to be discharged from the hospital. I would stay by her side for the next few days and pray for her whenever I had to go back to work.

— Goo In Ho

He had tried his best to take care of his sister, but he worked outside of Seoul, which ultimately kept him far from his sister.

When he heard of Sulli’s passing, he knew that the news of her best friend’s passing would devastate Goo Hara, so he took extra steps to be there for Hara. So when he heard the news of her passing, he was a complete wreck.

After Sulli’s passing last Fall, I knew I had to take even extra care for my sister. I contacted her more frequently and tried my best to visit as much as I can.

When I heard that my sister had passed away, I thought I was going to go crazy.

— Goo In Ho

He now fights for a new legislation named after his sister so that her death may not be in vain. He hopes that the obstacles Hara’s family is facing after her death may be set as a precedent to protect other children who were abandoned by their parents.

Source: Sports Seoul

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