GOT7’s BamBam Proves He Truly Is “Bam The Builder”

He is taking the group’s construction concept very seriously.

GOT7 are officially in their “construction era.”

From left: Yugyeom, Jackson Wang, Mark Tuan, Youngjae, Jinyoung, Jay B, and BamBam of GOT7. | @GOT7/Twitter

And BamBam is taking it very seriously.

BamBam | @GOT7/Twitter

With the release of concept photos and promotional images ahead of their comeback on May 23, GOT7 have introduced Ahgases (also known as iGOT7) to an era that symbolizes their “rebuilding.”

While it all has great meaning, GOT7 also has one of the funniest fandoms, but we take after our idols. So, BamBam and Ahgases started a new Twitter trend, changing display names and profile pictures to include construction workers and hardhats, respectively.

He’s officially “Bam the Builder!”

Now, he’s taking it to the next level.

Previously, BamBam had proved his Ahgase status by being the “first” commenter with GOT7’s first set of concept photo releases, GOT7’S HOUSE: UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

With the second set, GOT7’S HOUSE: PACKING UP, he started slacking.

He claimed to have been showering. Possibly after doing all that manual labor?

BamBam ended up being late again with the third set, GOT7’S HOUSE: FINISHING TOUCHESHe commented almost an hour later.

| @GOT7/Twitter

Yet, he had another valid reason for his tardiness. BamBam was building a cat tree for his pet cats!

BamBam proved that there is truth in his new nickname, “Bam the Builder.”

He’s proving to be a method actor.

Check out more iconic moments from BamBam’s construction era below:

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