GOT7’s BamBam Breaks Gender Norms By Rocking Skirt, Heels, And Bag

BamBam says “skrrt skrrt” and also wears skirts.

Happy Pride Month; GOT7‘s BamBam is breaking gender norms!

GOT7’s BamBam

All the GOT7 members have time and time again proved to be LGBTQIA+ allies, BamBam especially.

Another underrated action one can do in advocating as an ally is to help break stereotypes. So, BamBam frequently goes against gender norms.

He has often worn makeup but has recently been rocking nail polish too.

Now, he is breaking gender norms in more ways than one.

Recently, BamBam shared a series of photos on Instagram. It was an additional ad for Burberry, the iconic British luxury fashion and beauty brand.

Previously, BamBam posed with the pink version of The Lola Bag. The iconic bag costs $2,090 USD, in case you’re curious.

In his new ad, he not only flexed a purse, an accessory most commonly associated with women, but he also wore a full-length skirt with a suit jacket and high-heeled boots. Yet, he looked handsome as ever, proving that clothes and accessories really have no gender.

| @bambam1a/Instagram

It doesn’t matter if one wears a skirt or carries a bag. It doesn’t define masculinity or feminity.

This isn’t the first time BamBam has rocked a skirt, either. In a LookBook video for “riBBon,” he revealed that he asked his costume designer to create a look featuring a skirt.

I like skirts. A lot, guys!

— BamBam

| BamBam/YouTube

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Source: @bambam1a