Vogue Shares News About GOT7 Comeback, Here’s How BamBam Responded

He was cited in Vogue Singapore’s article…

There’s been lots of speculation and rumors circulating these days that GOT7 will soon make a group comeback.

The last OT7 GOT7 selfie. | @jinyoung_0922jy/Instagram

Now, Vogue Singapore has shared a news article listing “The most anticipated K-pop comebacks in 2022,” including GOT7, although there has yet to be an official confirmation from the group.

Ahgases were quick to respond to Vogue

Some even asked if GOT7 themselves know they’re having a comeback.

Vogue actually included a quote from BamBam himself to support the claim that GOT7 would be making a comeback. This is in reference to the BamBam 2nd Mini Album [B] ONLINE SHOWCASE.

GOT7’s Bambam revealed in a live broadcast that he knows exactly when the group’s comeback would happen, even teasing that ‘2022 is the year of the ahgases.’

Vogue Singapore 

Now, BamBam has responded to Vogue Singapore‘s post. He hilariously tweeted a GIF of Steve Carell in The Office and exclaimed, “i said that!?”

Ahgases threatened to show BamBam “proof,” but he still had more comebacks, just not the kind of comeback we were all hoping for!

Still, Ahgases pulled out the receipts…

We got even more receipts too! Check them out below:

GOT7’s BamBam Denies Rumors Of A Group Comeback, But He Can’t Help Releasing More Spoilers

Source: @BamBam1A