GOT7’s Jackson Wang Gets Brutally Honest About What It Was Like Being A Trainee At JYP Entertainment

He got real about some of his most emotional memories.

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang got brutally honest about the reality of being a trainee at JYP Entertainment, and about how he and his members got through it.

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Speaking on the popular Thai radio show WOODY FM, Jackson spilled on everything from why he likes to sleep naked to why GOT7’s 2022 comeback was so meaningful to him, touching on his favorite moments with the group.

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But one particularly hard-to-forget memory for him was when he was still a trainee at JYP Entertainment, and it’s one of his most emotional ones. He said, “We were going through this project cycle where they eliminate different trainees every week.”

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At the time, Jackson had found himself constantly nervous because of the pressure of these weekly eliminations. Yet, the memory stands out to him because the seven members ultimately made it to debut together.

That was very memorable to me. Because, it’s so nervous, it’s like every week we feel like we’re about to die. But then we’re the seven that made it to the final round, you know? That journey was another memorable moment for me.

— Jackson Wang

The host, WOODY, commented that the experience sounds very intense. When he asked Jackson if he had cried, Jackson readily admitted it, saying, “Yeah, [I] cried a lot. Everybody cried.”

He went on to describe an emotional memory that he has from those days, explaining that the Korean members felt very guilty.

I remember once we were back in our dorm. The Korean members were like ‘If we don’t make it through this week then I feel so sorry…because we’re in Korea, but you guys gave everything up and came here….You guys would have to go back to your hometown.’ That moment I remember, I think it was in the kitchen. Everyone cried.

— Jackson Wang

Yet, despite the struggles they faced at the time, it isn’t only a bad memory for Jackson. Their traineeship may have been difficult and emotional for all the members, but he wrapped up his story with a positive, saying “And then we made it!”

After going through so much together, it’s no wonder the members are like family. So much so, that they have stayed together even through unprecedented situations, such as leaving JYP Entertainment without disbanding. Luckily, they are definitely here to stay, as now they are the first self-owned group in K-Pop!

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