GOT7’s Jackson Wang Gains Praise For His Emotional Message For GOT7’s Anniversary

“I have a family. My f*cking brothers, GOT7.”

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang is the most affectionate and loyal friend one can have, and nowhere was this more evident than in what he had to say about his members on their anniversary.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | @JacksonWang852/Twitter

GOT7 celebrated nine years together as a group on January 16. While there were many ups and downs over the years, the members pushed through together and ended up making history as the first fully self-owned K-Pop group with all the trademark rights to their name.

| @GOT7/Twitter

They may each now be busy carrying out their solo activities, but that hasn’t stopped them from being as close as ever; according to BamBam, the GOT7 group chat is still very much busy.

In fact, the “Spoiler King” also hinted that the group is planning something big for 2023!

On January 16, the members all made sure to send a heartfelt message for GOT7’s “birthday.”

Jay B and Jinyoung reunited on Youngjae‘s radio show Best Friend, where they once again showcased their chaotic sibling energy.

Seeing as they’re spread out all over the world, Mark Tuan, Yugyeom, and Jackson were unable to join them. Jackson is currently doing his MAGIC Man World Tour (which has seen some insane viral moments), and a small speech he made during his show on January 16 in Paris has completely melted Ahgases’ hearts.

Speaking of his members, Jackson referred to them as his family, saying, “I have a family, my f*cking brothers, GOT7.”

He touched on the many things they each have gone through, promising that, no matter what, “it’s family forever.” His heartfelt words had fans (understandably) in tears. They praised him for showing so much genuine, heartfelt love for his group.

They also emphasized that Jackson has always defended his group, proving that he doesn’t need to always show it to let everyone know how much he loves them.

GOT7 have beaten all the odds and remained together for nine years because of their true family bond, and Jackson’s warm words are exactly what Ahgases needed to hear to remind them of that!


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