GOT7’s Jackson Wang Shows His True Personality After Receiving A Letter From A Young Fan In Thailand

His reaction was priceless!

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang is known for having an amazing relationship with his fans, and his reaction to a particularly young fan’s letter proves it!

Jackson Wang | @GhaDaJW/Twitter

Jackson recently went to Thailand to perform at the opening show of THE MATCH Bangkok Century Cup 2022.

There, he not only blew minds with his prodigious performance talent but also with how much of a gentleman he is with the way he treated Thai artist MILI.

He also went viral for the most Jackson-like thing ever, sparking laughter across fandoms as he hilariously wiped confetti off the head of Erik ten Hag, the manager of British football club Manchester United.

But while Jackson was nothing less than an icon throughout, he has gained praise for his treatment of Ahgases in particular. From worrying about their safety to coming out to greet them in the rain

…to having the best reaction when spotting a camera, Jackson has shown how much he truly cares for his fans.

Yet, even that doesn’t seem as cute when compared to how he reacted when he was approached by a young Ahgase with a letter. Jackson was in his seat at the stadium when a little boy approached him to give him his letter. Jackson not only accepted it, but he even gave the boy the sweetest kiss on his head. He then opened the letter as soon as the boy left, and burst into the biggest smile as he read it.

Ahgases couldn’t help but be proud of Jackson, as the video really shows his true personality. He was clearly very happy with the kid’s letter!