GOT7 Mark Tuan’s “First-Ever Concert” Was More Recent Than You Think

He recently attended his first concert as a fan.

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan recently attended his “first-ever concert.”

GOT7’s Mark Tuan | @marktuan/Instagram

Mark not only attended The 2022 AMAs (also known as The 2022 American Music Awards), but he was one of the hosts of the non-televised awards.

So, as he was on the red carpet, he was interviewed by The Today Show. Mark was asked about the current hot topic right now: Taylor Swift‘s upcoming Eras Tour. He confessed that he hadn’t gotten tickets for it.

I heard there was like something crazy going on with it, but, no, I did not try to get any tickets…

— Mark Tuan

Even more shocking, though, Mark revealed that he recently attended his “first-ever” concert. He had gone to rapper Post Malone’s concert when he performed at Arena, in Los Angeles, California, on November 15-16, 2022.

I actually went to my first-ever concert… Post Malone. I was there like a couple of days ago. Yeah, his last L.A. show. I was there watching, so… Yeah, that was pretty much my first-ever concert.

— Mark Tuan

Considering Mark has been a performer for years, the interviewer was shocked to hear that he had not gone to a concert. Mark clarified that he had gone to concerts as part of JYP Entertainment, but this was the first concert he attended as a genuine fan of an artist.

I mean besides like the JYP concerts that I’ve been to, like it’s my first-ever concert that I attended that like I really wanted to go…

— Mark Tuan

Yet, Mark also recently attended a popular K-Pop boy group concert, and they were not signed to JYP Entertainment. Find out below.

GOT7’s Mark Tuan Proves To Be A True Multi-Fan, Recognizing Multiple K-Pop Group Lightsticks

Watch the interview clip below.


Our boy @Mark Tuan did not try to get tickets to the taylorswifttheerastour, but he did recently go to his first concert?!?! #amas @AMAs #got7 #marktuan #firstconcert

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