Cops Pull Up To The Gucci Cruise Line Show After-Party In Korea After Complaints From Residents

The show was praised but the after-party was criticized.

Fashion events in South Korea are not having a good year. Not only was Calvin Klein‘s launch party for their collection with BLACKPINK‘s Jennie blasted by Korean media for poor planning, but Gucci‘s Cruise Line Show’s after-party also faced complaints from the public on May 16, 2023.

Calvin Klein’s Recent Launch Party For BLACKPINK Jennie’s Collection Receives Criticism From Angered Press

The show was a huge success, with many praising the perfect venue choice of the Gyungbok Palace to highlight Korean culture.

The Gucci Cruise line show at Gyungbok Palace is said to be the first to be held in Asia. It’s so unique and magnificent and whimsical. I can’t believe they used the front yard of the palace, which was used for national ceremonies and to greet foreign envoys, as a runway for models.

— heyattitude

While the show was well-received, the after-party faced criticism for a wrong choice of venue, resulting in noise complaints. After-parties are usually hosted in venues such as clubs, where noise-proofing is top-notch. Clubs are also often located in commercial areas where little noise is not too off-putting. This time, the Gucci team selected a glass building near the palace, probably for proximity and the architectural value. As it turns out, glass is one of the worst materials for soundproofing.

The building where the after party was held. | theqoo

The glaring lasers and lights from the party were also said to have affected the neighborhood citizens. Even from neighboring buildings, the music from the party was heard loudly.

Even a citizen living quite a distance away complained of the noise.

F*ck, I’m sorry to be cursing, but that is apparently the after-party of the Gucci show. I think I’m going to be mentally ill. I don’t know why they are acting up and playing the music outside. This is a residential area, and it is now 11.30 pm. How can they do this? Can’t they act more like a luxury brand? Twitter was full of good words about them, so I wanted to think positively of them too, but I couldn’t.

— roong30

Ultimately, the cops pulled up to the party, due to the civil complaints against the noise.

It was getting noisy around midnight, and I was wondering why the cops were also pulling up at that moment. Turns out it was the Gucci Gyungbok Palace show after-party.

— seenwu

Many members of the public were disappointed at the unwise choices made by the organizers after the success that was the actual show. While Koreans praised the performance for helping to spread Korean culture, the after-party became a source of pain for residents in the area.

Source: theqoo

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