Gugudan’s Leader Hana Posts Letter Thanking Fans For Their Support

They will be missed!

Recently, Jellyfish Entertainment announced that girl group gugudan will be officially disbanding as of December 31, 2020.

In the statement, they expressed their sadness and revealed that after a long discussion, both artist and company have come to the agreement to end group activities.

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Leader Hana posted a long heartfelt letter to their fans to thank them for their amazing support.

Dear. Friends hello this is gugudan’s Hana. We’ve delivered some sudden news during the end of the year. We really sad and sorry about this. Do you remember the hot summer of 2016? I still can’t forget the day when we took the first stage and met all of you. I think it will remain in my memory for the rest of my life. The days of being gugudan’s Hana and working with the members were truly some of the most precious moments in my life.

— Hana


After news of this broke out, many people gave us overwhelming support and praise for all the hard work that we have done. Although I couldn’t smile every day, I was able to dream bigger because of all your strong support. That is why it is harder for me to express in words how to say goodbye to you all. I wanted to give you all the strength during these uncertain times and I’m sorry.

— Hana


Whenever I received messages from fans about how I was a strong and resilient person and that they were happy to be my fan, it in turn gave me more strength. Although I am lacking, I want you all to know you gave me the strength and motivation to become a more resilient person.

— Hana


Today was a day where all the memories of the past were clearly felt one by one. I am grateful that when I think of my beloved members and fans I can smile instead of sigh. It is unfortunate that we couldn’t meet in person due to COVID-19, but please be careful with your health and I hope to meet you all again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting and loving gugudan like a best friend. And I love and miss you all more than you know. I will do my best to repay the love you have given me. I love you. Sincerely, gugudan’s Hana.

— Hana

| Jellyfish Entertainment

The group debuted four years ago in 2016 as Jellyfish Entertainment’s first girl group. The members plan on promoting through solo activities such as soloists, actresses, and more.

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