Gugudan Members Worry Fans With Devastating Confessions on Instagram Story

“Today was a very sad day.” – Hana

Gugudan‘s Hana recently posted a screenshot on her Instagram Story, which greatly worried fans.

The screenshot reads,

I have to get back to my senses. Not being able to do what I want because of another person’s will makes you feel very helpless. Today was a very sad day.

– Hana


Not long after the post, Soyee posted a chat shared with Hana regarding the devastating post.

Soyee: I can relate to this so much.

Hana: Because we all felt it together. We’re all the same.

– Chat Log

Furthermore, Sally also detailed the group’s hardships in a recent interview with GQ magazine.

A year and a half ago, the company suddenly let us go back to our homes, but I didn’t dare to return to China. I was afraid that I’d give up completely after returning. I could only hold the letters that fans gave me and cry in front of a mirror every night in order to relieve my stress. I still thank myself for not giving up at that time.

– Sally


Other than the members’ expression of their helplessness, it hasn’t been revealed what made them feel that way.


But fans are predicting it might have to do with the fact that after Gugudan released an album in November 2018, they have yet to come out with anything new.

Some of the Gugudan members are currently active in their solo activities, but no word has been said about their activities as a full group.

Source: Insight and GQ Magazine