Ham So Won’s Husband Jin Hua Accused Of Faking His Entire Background And Identity

His name isn’t actually Jin Hua?

Ham So Won‘s husband Jin Hua has been accused of faking his entire background and identity over the past eight years, changing his name twice and not actually being a Chinese chaebol.

| Jin Hua’s Weibo

The Korean public became suspicious of both Ham So Won and Jin Hua after their series of controversies, including the couple fabricating their family background and riches, lying about their wealth, and even setting up their daughter’s illness. Recently, more accusations came out, this time claiming that Jin Hua’s entire identity and background is false.

The first claim made was that Jin Hua isn’t actually his real name, and he has changed his name two times. In 2013, he was just 19 years old and he participated in the Chinese audition program Super Boy Season 3 under the name Qu Jiabao.

Jin Hua when he was known as Qu Jiabao on Super Boy.

After not advancing far into the show, he changed his name to Kim Bum. Under the name Kim Bum, he participated in another audition show in 2016, but failed to advance far again. He then went to South Korea to become a trainee.

Jin Hua just prior to changing his name to Kim Bum.

Following his two failed attempts at breaking into the music industry, he changed his name again to Jin Hua, and started becoming active on social media, where he soon became an internet celebrity.

The second claim was that Jin Hua’s background of being a Chinese chaebol is false. According to the informant, Jin Hua was working as at a bar as a singer in Shenzhen, China when he met Ham So Won. In addition, citizens living in the area have stated that Jin Hua’s claims of being rich are not true. Making it more difficult to accurately identify him is the fact not only has he changed his name twice, but he also changed his face through plastic surgery. Online posts also claimed that after his elementary school days, no records can be found of him.

Ham So Won actually personally responded to the claims that Jin Hua worked at a bar singing, stating that he was just there for an event with his manager while he was a trainee.

Jin Hua is known to the public as a Chinese CEO of a clothing company, however, he never stated that himself, and during broadcasts of Taste of Wife, he has been seen looking very uncomfortable with the managing aspect of running a company. In addition, viewers contacted the factory making his supposed clothes, and the factory stated Jin Hua was not the owner.

The issue is fast becoming large in South Korea, with nearly a million views on the exposé video and over 1500 comments. Watch the video making the accusations below.

Source: Ilgan Sports