32-Year-Old OG Ulzzang Helps A “Boys Planet” Trainee Advertise For Votes — All Because He Is Handsome

“This is all that this grandma can do…”

You may not have heard of her name, but you’ve probably seen her pictures on Tumblr or AsianFanfics before.

Han Areumsongee. | Asianfanfics

She’s one of the first-generation ulzzangs, Han Areumsongee! Now a YouTuber, the 32-year-old is a popular influencer. Her AMAs on Instagram are particularly popular for being hilarious.

Han Areumsongee recently. | areumsongee/YouTube

She’s known to fangirl over handsome men, and fans of Boys Planet trainee Lee Junghyun urged her to use her social media fame for his benefit. With the finals upcoming, they sent her multiple DMs to ask her to advertise voting for him.

“From yesterday, fans of the young’un Lee Junghyun have been spamming my DMs.” | @areumsongee/Instagram

Seeing his visuals, she immediately became a fan.

| @areumsongee/Instagram

It is the finals for Boys Planet this week. Please vote for young’un Junghyun. As a 32-year-old star create, I cannot bear for such a handsome, young, and tall man to not be on TV.

— Areumsongee

Although she wanted to go for the live finals, her boyfriend’s nagging led her to fold that thought. At the very least, she could still urge her followers to vote for him! With 419,000 followers in tow, the votes could tip in his favor.

| @areumsongee/Instagram

I said I wanted to watch the finals live, but my boyfriend nagged me. This is all that this grandma can do… [link to voting app] For the sake of the health of our eyes, please spend a minute voting. Young’un Junghyun, hwaiting.

— Areumsongee

Netizens loved her candid commentary.

Netizens’ comments. | Nate Pann
  • All the celebrities that this unnie mentions are all of fine taste.
  • For real, even her last AMA too, this unnie is super easygoing.
  • All of her AMAs are just hilarious LOL
  • Young’un Junghyun LOL. You have to debut…
  • I trust her taste.

You all know who to follow for more visual picks in the future! In the meantime, remember to vote for your Boys Planet pick!

Source: Nate Pann

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