Actress Han So Hee Goes Viral For The Humble Way She Got On Her Knees For Fans

What other star would do this?

Actress Han So Hee recently made her way to Thailand to promote OMEGA watches. She walked the red carpet of the event, looking gorgeous in a beige dress. She even touched fans’ heart when she stopped to tell a Thai fan not to cry.

| @paipw_/Twitter

What was even more touching was what she did for a fan just a day earlier at the airport. She landed on November 7, 2022, where a huge throng of loving fans greeted her. She graciously accepted all the gifts and letters they had prepared for her.

She also stopped to sign a banner. While signing fans’ banners and paraphernalia is a trademark for Han So Hee, what made this moment special was the way she knelt down without hesitation.

In most Asian countries, including South Korea, it is considered an act of humbling oneself when you get down on your knees. Most Koreans will avoid doing this in most social situations.

Even in the short clip, the security guard next to Han So Hee chooses to squat instead of kneeling. While most of the modern generation may not think twice about kneeling down, the connotation that comes with kneeling in South Korea is still very much present.

Han So Hee truly loves her fans, with the way she didn’t even hesitate before kneeling to sign their posters.

Catch the video for yourself below! The video quickly hit around 250,000 views just two days after it was posted.

Truly an actress who deserves all her success!

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