Han Ye Seul Proves She’s An Unbothered Queen By Posting A Cute Picture Of Her Boyfriend

Ms. Han, you dropped this 👑

Actress Han Ye Seul is proving that she won’t let her controversies bring her spirits down. Just a few hours ago, the actress uploaded an adorable photo of her non-celebrity boyfriend, Ryu Sung Jae holding her puppy.

With the caption, “my honey,” she garnered heavy interest from her followers and her fans for her complete, unbothered attitude. She also posted a similar photo onto her Instagram story, but this time, with an even more adorable caption.

Han Ye Seul’s boyfriend, Ryu Sung Jae | @han_ye_seul/Instagram

This is happiness 🥰

— @han_ye_seul/Instagram

These photo uploads come in the midst of Han Ye Seul’s multiple ongoing controversies. She became the target of numerous allegations made by the controversial YouTube channel, Garo Sero Institute. The channel’s accusations made headlines regarding the actress’s numerous alleged rumors, such as her boyfriend’s male escort past, her involvement in The Burning Sun scandal, her prostitute past, and more.

Han Ye Seul addressing one of her rumors in a tell-all video | @HanYeSeulis/YouTube

And while just one of these accusations would be enough to make anyone crumble, Han Ye Seul has proven herself to be resilient through it all. As she continues to battle each allegation personally, she has shown her strength, all while garnering the heavy support of her fans.

| @han_ye_seul_/Instagram
  • “Even the dog’s facial expression looks happy.”
  • “So cute!!! It’s so obvious that unnie took this photo with a big smile on her face.”
  • “Please let our Ye Seul unnie be happy!!!! Let’s direct all of the world’s happiness to unnie‘s direction.”
  • “Deng Deng-yi (dog) is so funny. I hope that unnie will be even happier. I will support unnie with my entire heart.”
  • “I really love you unnie.”
  • “If your dog acknowledged him (boyfriend) as their dad, no other words are needed. Deng Deng picked.”
Ryu Sung Jae (left), Han Ye Seul (right) | @han_ye_seul_/Instagram

As Garo Sero Institute continues to bombard Han Ye Seul with allegation after allegation, her recent Instagram post is proof that she won’t let a few alleged rumors ruin her spirits.

In related news, it was recently revealed that the actress will be launching her very own cosmetic brand, Hevvy Makeup. While there is no concrete launch date as of yet, Han Ye Seul discussed her new project on her YouTube channel, which you can check out down below.

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