HA:TFELT Shares Post Supporting Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon’s Victims Following His Passing

HA:TFELT has been a vocal feminist for quite some time.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault and suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

It was recently reported that after going missing for 7 hours, the Seoul mayor, Park Won Soon was found dead.


However, there are conflicting opinions on how Park Won Soon should be remembered because prior to his passing, he was accused of years of sexual assault by a former secretary.


And HA:TFELT was one of those who showed her support for the victim who accused the mayor of sexual assault as well as potential others who might have suffered in his hands as well.


Following Park Won Soon’s passing, HA:TFELT liked a post related to the #Me Too movement which reads as follows:

Even if the case has been closed due to the absence of the right of arraignment, as another institution where hierarchical sexual assault takes place, I ask Seoul City Hall to take responsibility, protect the victims, and relieve the harm inflicted.

– Post

Just last year, the former Wonder Girls member, HA:TFELT appeared on JTBC’s The Night of Hate Comments and expressed,

The ideology of feminists is that men and women should have equal rights. So I don’t know why I have to worry about what others will think when I express that view.


Ahead of this event, a former secretary of the late Seoul mayor accused him of sexually assaulting her since 2017, but following his death, which has been ruled as suicide, the case has been deemed to lack the right of arraignment.

Source: Insight