Heechul’s Mother Claims That Her Son Insists On Never Getting Married

Heechul’s mother is worried.

On a recent episode of SBS‘s My Little Old Boy, Shin Dong Yup asked the mothers on the panel what they nag their children about nowadays.

In response, comedian Park Soo Hong‘s mother shared that she often tells him to walk.

Seo Jang Hoon suggested that he probably got a lot of walking done in the past due to his love for clubbing.

And Shin Dong Yup joked that if he had a pace counter, he would’ve taken 50,000 steps.

But that’s when Super Junior‘s Heechul‘s mother made a confession of her own.

She expressed her worry over Heechul’s recent confession that he doesn’t want to ever get married!

These days, Heechul tells me he doesn’t want to get married.

— Heechul’s Mother

And regarding his input, Heechul’s mother made a guess of why that could be.

I wonder if it’s because he sees his ‘hyungs’ (older brothers/friends) living a fun life. But I’m worried.

— Heechul’s Mother

While whether Heechul wishes to get married or not is completely up to him, Heechul’s mother’s remark is gaining particular interest since it was revealed earlier this year that he’s dating TWICE‘s Momo.

The pressure to get married can be real for many, so Heechul’s going to do what he truly wants with his life!

Source: News1
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