Here’s The Artist SHINee Key’s “BAD LOVE” Aesthetic Is Influenced By

This aesthetic is so perfect for Key!

SHINee Key‘s “BAD LOVE” is a masterpiece in every way, including his fashion choices!

SHINee’s Key | @blossom718_/Twitter

Key opted for a retro-space concept for “BAD LOVE,” and he totally nailed it. The video’s aesthetic and Key’s styling choices combine the best of ’70s space movies, ’80s-inspired rockstar looks, and ’90s kitsch. Although Key came up with this unique concept on his own, he was inspired by one particular Western artist, David Bowie.

David Bowie | Biography

Key told Allure, “I got inspiration from, of course, David Bowie. I love him.”

| @keyoemi/Twitter

Key’s makeup and hair in the “BAD LOVE” music video was reminiscent of David Bowie’s look in the film The Man Who Fell to Earth.

David Bowie in The Man Who Fell to Earth | Amazon

Key sported bleached eyebrows, blonde hair, and an otherworldly glow in “BAD LOVE” like David Bowie did in The Man Who Fell to Earth.

| @diorkibum/Twitter

Although Key’s retro-space aesthetic for “BAD LOVE” was inspired by David Bowie, Key managed to add his own style to it by combining ’80s and ’90s inspired looks with David Bowie’s look from The Man Who Fell to Earth.

See Key in all his retro-space glory in the “BAD LOVE” music video below.


Source: Allure


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