Here’s What Figure Skating Queen Kim Yuna’s Family Thinks About Her New Husband-To-Be

The public is still on the fence but…

Figure skating queen Kim Yuna recently announced that she would be getting married to singer Forestella‘s Ko Woo Rim, whom she met at a congratulatory show in 2018. As one of South Korea’s most decorated athletes, she was revered by the public for her entire career. Even after retiring from competitive figure skating, she remains loved by all, and was granted the public nickname of “Queen Yuna“.

While the public naturally felt that no one would ever be good enough for their queen, Kim Yuna’s family themselves have nothing but praise for their daughter’s future husband. In an exclusive with SBS Entertainment News, it was reported that they fully approved of the union thanks to Ko Woo Rim’s kind personality.

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Her family is reported to have said that Ko Woo Rim “may be young but is good-natured, with a heart of gold.” They added that he “completes what Yuna lacks” and that they “couldn’t have asked for a better son-in-law.” Kim Yuna’s family blessed the matrimony, claiming that “it’s time for [Yuna] to pursue her own happiness and live a life [she wants]…We want her to give love, be loved, and build a loving family for herself.”

Kim Yuna is the most decorated figure skater in Korea’s history and is considered one of the greatest to ever skate. Her accolades include the 2010 Olympic gold medal and a controversial 2014 Olympic silver medal for a performance many felt deserved the gold. She is also a two-time World Champion, the 2009 Four Continents champion, a three-time Grand Prix Final champion, the 2006 World Junior champion, and the 2005 Junior Grand Prix Final champion.

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You can read more about her husband-to-be below.

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