2nd-Generation Idol Apologizes To Fans After Wedding Announcement Draws Criticism

“I am very nervous…”

Highlight‘s Dongwoon apologized for getting married.

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On July 6, Dongwoon held a livestream to quell dissent among certain Highlight fans who were upset over his recent marriage announcement.

In his livestream, the idol, looking noticeably nervous, started off by apologizing for “Addressing this so late.”. The idol recently revealed that he was getting married in a handwritten letter to fans.

I am sorry for addressing this so late. I am very nervous. I wanted to speak to you guys sooner, but I had a lot of concerns. Because certain nuances can be misunderstood when written down, I felt it would be best to speak to you guys live, even if I stumble with my words a bit.

I think it took longer because I was careful, which in turn made you even more upset. I know (during this time) some of you guys couldn’t sleep or eat. I apologize for making that time longer for you. Because of how sorry I am, I am not able to be my normal self right now. I think it’s going to take a bit of time.

— Dongwoon

The idol then continued his apology, saying he was sorry for burdening his fans.

I am sorry for burdening you and the (Highlight) hyungs for burdening all of you. I want to say I am sorry. I will do my best moving forward. I read all your comments and thought about them these few days.

— Dongwoon

Despite his apology, reports stated that some fans still criticized the idol for not writing down his apology beforehand and alleged his attitude seemed disinterested.

According to reports, some Highlight fans took exception to the timing of the idol’s marriage, claiming they were upset that while other members were getting ready for the group’s upcoming promotions, he was bound to be busy with wedding preparations. Others reportedly were upset that the idol did not communicate and address the fans’ concerns.

Highlight’s Son Dongwoon Announces Marriage Through A Handwritten Letter

Meanwhile, Dongwoon will be getting married to his fiancé in September. The idol’s label had previously stated that “Dongwoon will continue to promote actively as a Highlight member and songwriter even after getting married.”

You can watch the idol’s apology in the link below.


Source: mbc