Highlight’s Son Dongwoon Announces Marriage Through A Handwritten Letter

Congratulations to him and his future spouse!

HIGHLIGHT’s Son Dongwoon has announced his upcoming marriage to his partner. On June 27, 2023, he posted a handwritten letter to his social media account, breaking the news to fans.


Hello. This is Highlight’s Dongwoon. It’s been a long time since I’ve left a handwritten letter for you guys like this. This could be rather sudden. I’m very nervous and cautious even now, because I know very well that this could surprise you, and also make you sad. But I took up the courage to write this as I want to be the first to tell you.

Thankfully, I met someone that understands me a lot and shows me lots of consideration. At some point, I came to think that I wish to spend my future with them, and so, we will be having a wedding this September. As they are not someone who is in the same line of work as me, we will be having the wedding quietly, with just our family and close acquaintances. I’m really sorry for having had no choice but to stay silent all this while, and for not being able to tell you this.

I met everyone at the age of 19 for the first time. At home and in the group, I have lived as the maknae. I’m so grateful that everyone also cheered me on and loved me, more so as the maknae. Both now and during my debut days, although I was someone who is lacking, thanks to the unimaginable amount of love that you guys have given me, I was able to grow and become who I am today. I know this well too.

I’m also grateful to the Highlight members who have always cheered me on and trusted me. I will not forget this gratitude and work much harder than I have up to now. I will repay everyone’s love by working my best in my position as HIGHLIGHT’s Dongwoon. Thank you for reading this post until the end, as unrefined as it was.

From HIGHLIGHT’s Dongwoon.

— Dongwoon

Congratulations to the star and his spouse-to-be! The news comes as a surprise as Dongwoon has not had any prior news about relationships throughout his career.


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