HIGHLIGHT’s Son Dongwoon Touches Fans With A Surprise Gift After Their Video Call Fansigns

What a thoughtful gift.

HIGHLIGHT‘s Son Dongwoon recently held his solo fansigning to celebrate his song “Today’s Weather”. He held both an online and offline fansign. While he was able to give the fans who came to see him in person a gift, he had been worrying about what to give fans that participated through a video call.

For those that turned up to the offline fansign, he presented each of them with a stalk of rose.

| theqoo

Reportedly, he had discussed with a fan at the fansign about what to give the fans who won the video call fansign. Some time after the video call fansign had ended and the fans received their signed albums in the mail, fans suddenly received a delivery notification. It turns out that Dongwoon had belatedly sent them special presents.

The delivery was labelled as “Son Dongwoon special gift“.

Is this what Son Dongwoon oppa sent to those that did the video call fansign as gifts? Really…?? The signed album and the regular albums as well as fansign benefits were all delivered already so what is this???? He asked what he should give those that won the video call fansign since he gave flowers to those that came to the offline fan sign and ??? Does anyone know how to collect parcels when they’re being unloaded..?

— Fan

Another fan received the gift and immediately uploaded a photo of it onto Twitter. Dongwoon had personally folded a rose and sprayed it with perfume. To prevent the perfume scent from fading during delivery, he even put it in a small container.

I got the parcel and did he fold a flower to send to each and every one of us??? There’s such an idol that personally folds flowers and sends them to fans because he gave flowers to fans he saw in person and can’t meet the others through the video call? And what’s more is that a scent kept wafting up so I smelt it and turns out that he had sprayed perfume on it. He even put it in a container so the scent would stay. Can’t believe I have this hand-folded origami.

— Fan

What a sweet idol! It seems like there’s a positive trend of idols giving their fans presents nowadays. Previously, BTS gifted fans that came to their Music Bank recording with flowers, handcream and more.

Source: theqoo