Highlight’s Yang Yoseob Had The Best Answer When A Fan Told Him She Was Going For Plastic Surgery

His answer showed how self-aware he was.

Highlight‘s Yoseob had the absolute best answer when a fan told him that she was about to do plastic surgery. During an Instagram live, a fan commented to tell him about her upcoming double-eyelid surgery that week. He immediately responded with a joke.

Oppa, I’m going to do double-eyelid surgery on Saturday. I guess you’ll be able to have a wider vision of the world. I hope it doesn’t hurt.

— Yoseob

However, almost immediately, he began to grow doubts about what he just said. Realizing it could be taken the wrong way, he corrected himself.

Oh wait, am I not allowed to say that? It could be interpreted that I meant people with smaller eyes will have a smaller view of the world. So please forget what I just said. I’m taking it back. Your vision doesn’t really get wider.

— Yoseob

We love a self-aware and introspective man! Catch the cute clip below.