This Idol Showed Up At Korea’s “Queer Festival” And His Fans Were Pleasantly Surprised

Fans were happy to see him!

Seoul, Korea is currently holding its 2019 Seoul Queer Culture Festival – and on June 1, 2019 was the iconic Seoul Queer Parade. Koreans came pouring out on to the streets of Seoul to participate in the parade – and in the police force keeping peace and order, they found this familiar face!


HIGHLIGHT‘s Yoseob, who is actively serving his military duty as a conscripted police officer since January 2019, was spotted in the line of police force dispatched to protect the citizens from unexpected emergencies during the parade.


Yoseob looked dapper in the police uniform. Yoseob seemed to be well adjusted to his role in the force. Fans can’t help but imagine how he’d look as a police officer character in a K-Drama!


Fans were happy to see him, although he wasn’t interacting with them directly. In fact, his fans were proud to see Yoseob professionally focusing on his duty and remaining unbothered by his fans snapping pictures of him.


Recently, Yoseob’s agency did ask the fans to please respect his privacy and his current role as a police officer. Thus, Yoseob’s fans remained distant. Still, it was a pleasant surprise for the fans and they simply appreciated his presence at the festival parade!

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