HINAPIA Announces Their Fandom Name And Official Color, And They Are…

The meanings behind the fandom name and official color are really sweet!

New girl group HINAPIA announced their fandom name and official color today.


Their official fandom name is UBY, pronounced “you-bee”.

The text on the info card reads: “U meaning utopia, a place where only good things happen as if it were heaven, and BY meaning how the fans will always be by HINAPIA’s side and how they trust HINAPINA.

Their official fandom color is a beautiful red dahlia color (Pantone 19-1555).

The text on the info card reads: “Color meaning ‘Your love makes me more beautiful’ that stands for how HINAPIA becomes more beautiful thanks to UBY’s love.

It looks like their agency AlSeulBit Entertainment may have had the color in mind for a while, as the group logo has been out since before they officially made their debut!

What do you think of their fandom name and color? Are you a proud UBY? ❤️

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