Hong Seok Cheon Claims Late Goo Hara’s Mother Asked to Take a Photo With Him at Her Daughter’s Funeral

“She smiled so brightly.” – Hong Seok Cheon

On a recent episode of Channel A’s Heard it Somehow, Hong Seok Cheon made the shocking claim that late Goo Hara‘s mother made physical contact with him and asked to take a photo together at her daughter’s funeral.


On the show, Hong Seok Cheon looked back on his memory of attending Goo Hara’s funeral late last year.

He shared that as soon as he arrived at the funeral hall, somebody greeted him in a very welcoming way.

As soon as I got to the funeral, someone greeted me in a very wecoming way.

– Hong Seok Cheon

Hong Seok Cheon even described the extent of her enthusiasm.

She touched my hand, shook my hand, and said, ‘I saw you on TV. Can we take a photo together?’ But I declined and told her, ‘I’m sorry, but this is a funeral hall.’

– Hong Seok Cheon

Hong Seok Cheon added that he had no idea that was Goo Hara’s mother at first because of her appearance.

I didn’t know she was Goo Hara’s mother at first. She smiled so brightly. It looked like she had makeup on, too.

– Hong Seok Cheon

Furthermore, Hong Seok Cheon explained that the atmosphere of the funeral hall was unusual and that he had already heard about Goo Hara’s mother’s demand for her daughter’s assets at the funeral.

Goo Hara’s mother was already talking about her daughter’s inheritance at the funeral, so the atmosphere there was unusual. People were already saying that the atmosphere was ‘not good’ and ‘worrisome’.

– Hong Seok Cheon

Regarding the matter of Goo Hara’s inheritance, Goo Hara’s brother, Goo Ho In filed for an inherited property division trial against his mother for leaving the house when he and Goo Hara were young and only returning upon Goo Hara’s passing to demand her inheritance.

Goo Ho In also filed a petition to pass the “Goo Hara Act” which is an effort to make a parent who failed to properly protect their direct descendant and fulfill their duties as caregiver ineligible for inheritance.

Source: Insight

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