HOOK Entertainment CEO Addresses Feud With Lee Seung Gi Over Unfair Payouts

She gave her personal statement.

Actor Lee Seung Gi has been in a feud with his agency, HOOK Entertainment, over the past few days. It was revealed that he had not been paid for his musical activities as a singer since his first release 18 years ago. The unfair payments and shady dealings with Park Min Young‘s infamous ex-boyfriend led to Lee Seung Gi requesting the accounts from the company.

HOOK Entertainment’s CEO, Kwon Jin Young, has issued her official statement.

This is HOOK Entertainment’s CEO, Kwon Jin Young.

I am ashamed to face everyone, regardless of the truth behind the various unsavory talks that have been coming out in the media regarding our company and myself personally.

It is all due to my oversight, and I am ashamed and sorry to be the source of all this misfortune.

Currently, we are checking the truth in detail behind all the cases reported in the media. Just as we have previously addressed, we are now in the organizational stage for us to verify the truth. As we plan on taking legal procedures in the future, our ability to take a clear stance is restricted. Please be understanding of these points.

In addition, after clearly checking the areas where HOOK Entertainment or myself has to be legally responsible, we will also take responsibility for everything without avoiding or stepping back.

HOOK Entertainment and I will do our best so that our artists can promote without restriction, and we will take more caution such that matters which will bother everyone will not happen further.

— Kwon Jin Young

Lee Seung Gi has not yet spoken up on the matter.

Source: Khan

Lee Seung Gi

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