Hot AND Athletic? “The Glory” Actor Jung Sung Il Has K-Baseball Fans Simping For Him All Over Again

An “ahJUICY” indeed. 🥵

There’s no doubt about it: The Glory actor Jung Sung Il is the hottest ahjussi in Korea right now.

Actor Jung Sung Il | @ygmicael/Instagram

Since the worldwide hit of the K-Drama, the actor has been labeled a hundred things and more—from “daddy” to “ahjuicy.”

You’ve Seen Actor Jung Sung Il Act In “The Glory” — But Have You Seen Him Sexy Dance?

Then, on April 7, Jung Sung Il outdid himself at the baseball game between the South Korean teams SSG Landers vs. Hanwha Eagles! The actor stepped onto the field as the invited K-Celeb for the first pitch.

Jung Sung Il at the game. | OSEN

And, as the unsuspecting crowd looked on, Jung Sung Il nailed his pitch like a pro!

Soon, the clip of his pitch took over the internet—with baseball fans falling in love with the actor all over again.

From his uniform fit to his perfect “sidearm pitch,” both teams’ fans can’t help but simp for this hot AND athletic man!

| theqoo
  • “He made that look simple, WTH?”
  • “Whoa, daebak. A sidearm pitch?! He has great form, too. He’s so f*cking cool.”
  • “Wow, look at his pitching form, though. He’s pro.”
  • “HUH?! I wonder if he has team experience. I can’t believe he nailed that sidearm pitch. What even is going on?!”
  • “Wait, WTF?”
  • Sigh. I love him.”
  • “Wow… I’d believe it if someone told me he’s a pro.”
  • “Is he debuting as a baseball athlete and putting acting on the side? Sir, how come you’re pitching like an actual baseball player?”
  • “Wow, that was dope!”
  • “WTF, a sidearm pitch?!”
| theqoo
  • “He has such an awesome form.”
  • “Is he a part of the team or what? Daebak.
  • “What the heck…? Mr. Ha, please pitch for our team!”
  • “Whoa… Yet another legendary first pitch.”
  • “Oh, hey. This is kind of cool. He’s kind of awesome!”
  • “WTF? He’s so f*cking hot… PLEASE PLAY FOR OUR TEAM.”
  • “Wait, WHAT?! Even his hair is perfect, being shaken out of the hat like that.”
  • “Excuse me, oppa. Who said it’d be OK to pitch sidearm? I’m WHIPPED, damn it…”
  • “He’s so cool. T-T”

Jung Sung Il’s longest fans know, though: This isn’t his first pitch on the mound. As a part of the Crusaders—a popular K-Celeb baseball team, this ahjussi holds his pitcher position well!

Jung Sung Il pitching for the Crusaders. | OSEN

Did he throne himself the sexiest ahjussi of them all?

Jung Sung Il even has a decent record… I think we’ll have to summon him to the mound when we’re in a pinch.

— Hanwha Eagles Fan @3agles/Twitter

It seems so!

| Daejonilbo
Source: theqoo
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