Hwang Hana Denies Additional Drug Use With Park Yoochun In March

“Park Yoochun administrated the drugs alone.”

Hwang Hana has claimed that while she was there with him, Park Yoochun administrated drugs alone in March 2019.

The second hearing for Hwang Hana’s drug charges was held at the Suwon District Court on June 19th. Hwang Hana is said to have submitted 14 apology letters prior to the hearing and even admitted to the majority of her charges in the previous hearing. As a result, m.any assumed that the case would come to a close. This was not the case, however, because Hwang Hana disagreed with a portion of the evidence.

We disagree with a portion of Park Yoochun’s statement that was made during the prosecutor’s investigation. It is related to the investigative institute’s understanding of the additionally-revealed charges.

ㅡ Hwang Hana’s lawyer


Hwang Hana claims that Park Yoochun used drugs alone in March of this year and that she did not use the drugs herself.

Hwang Hana was with Park Yoochun on March 12 and March 13 but she did not administrate drugs at the time and Park Yoochun administrated the drugs alone.

ㅡ Hwang Hana’s lawyer


When Hwang Hana was arrested on charges of drug use in April, she claimed that she used the drugs with Park Yoochun. He quickly held a press conference denying all accusations but eventually got caught during investigations after his drug tests came out positive. Soon after, Park Yoochun confessed 3 additional drug purchases and 7 instances of drug use with Hwang Hana.

Meanwhile, prosecutors sought a 1 year and 6 month sentence for Park Yoochun’s drug charges and an additional 1,400,000 KRW ($1,200 USD) penalty fee. His sentence is expected to be announced on July 2 while Hwang Hana’s next hearing is scheduled to take place on July 10.

Source: Star News

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