Netizens Bash MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Again For Her Sexy Stage Outfits, This Time For 2018 SBS Gayo Daejeon

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa can’t seem to catch a break with netizens criticizing her every outfit

At the 2018 SBS Gayo Daejeon that aired this Christmas, Hwasa joined MAMAMOO in performing their hits “Starry Night” and “Wind Flower.” 


Hwasa wore an all black ensemble of hot pants, corset and garter belt.


However, a group of K-Netizens felt that the lingerie-inspired stage concept didn’t “fit” with the audience and once again branded her choice of outfit as provocative. 

  • “All the other members’ outfits were fine but she keeps coming out naked in order to stand out… Please stop now.”
  • “There are a lot of people watching this with their families on Christmas. It’s too much. Hwasa would still have been amazing with more clothes on.”
  • “Even if you’re in charge of the sexy concept, I think this has crossed the line.
  • “I’m so embarrassed. If you wore proper clothing, we would have focused more on your performance. I don’t understand why you do this.”
  • “We watch this with our kids. It was inappropriate.”


They went as far as to say that it wasn’t a matter of having the “American” mind but that they found it “controversial” and “dirty”.

  • “Wear it on your concert not on public broadcast”
  • “Fans defending them about the “Billboard” or “American mindset” are funny even when they claim that her outfits are only controversial because of her hot body. If these outfits are “normal” then we should see them wearing thongs and fishnets corsets in the summer…”
  • “Some people can be sexy with just a look and MAMAMOO is not that. She has to be naked to look sexy but ends up looking closer to dirty…”


On the other hand, many of her fans defended her choice of outfit. They praised her for being the sexy queen that defies all hater!


Hwasa is not new to these criticisms. She’s received multiple “controversial” labels for her choice of outfit at the 2018 MAMA. 


No one’s stopping Queen Hwasa anytime soon!

Source: Newsen and Kyeonggi