Bang Si Hyuk Allegedy Uses Prosopagnosia As Excuse To Why He Did Not Greet NewJeans

Netizens aren’t buying it.

It was previously claimed that HYBE founder Bang Si Hyuk would ignore NewJeansDanielle whenever she would greet him. This allegation popped up amidst the cult allegations launched against HYBE. Fans claimed that he ignored her due to her religious name which went against the cults’ beliefs.


“Didn’t they say that Bang was the most against Danielle joining? Was it because her name is Danielle?”

— Comment

Later, it was revealed that the parents of NewJeans themselves had verified this claim. Although they did not name any specific member, they noted that Bang Si Hyuk would ignore the members in the building.

Whenever the NewJeans members encountered Bang Si Hyuk in the company building, we wondered why Bang Si Hyuk would pretend not to recognize the members and turn a blind eye to their greetings. At first, we didn’t believe our children, thinking, ‘Oh, he probably just didn’t recognize you then,’ so we attempted to verify this.

However, since this issue has happened several times, with different dates and locations, even when it was just Bang Si Hyuk and the members, we believe there is no other possibility except recognizing that they are, in fact, NewJeans.

— NewJeans’ parents

In response to the claims, it was alleged that Bang Si Hyuk has difficulty recognizing faces. They claimed that he could have prosopagnosia, a condition that renders one unable to remember and recognize faces. When a mother of a  NewJeans member brought this up to the company, it was alleged that Park Ji Won, the CEO of HYBE, told her that “Bang Si Hyuk could have prosopagnosia,” and that “it was a misunderstanding.”

Netizens naturally did not buy it.

| theqoo
  • Such a cheap excuse. This is so childish of them.
  • If he had prosopagnosia, then shouldn’t he greet everyone he comes across? What are they saying?
  • Looks like he’s fine except when it comes to NewJeans LOL. Guess he especially can recognize LE SSERAFIM.
  • Even if he had that, normally wouldn’t you accept the greetings of everyone who greets you? Does it make sense for you to ignore a young kid who is bowing at their waists to greet you?
  • LOL, what a pity. Then he should at least make the effort of having a secretary next to him at all times to tell him, just like in the dramas.
  • Are they joking?

You can read more claims by NewJeans’ parents below.

NewJeans’ Parents Claim Bang Si Hyuk Would Purposely Ignore The NewJeans Members

Source: Theqoo
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