Netizens React To HYBE’s New AI Project

“HYBE has always had a weird take on digital trends…”

The integration of the metaverse with K-Pop is becoming more common as AI technology advances. Although the use of the metaverse was initially spearheaded by groups like aespa and League of LegendsK/DA, by the groups of already-known artists having virtual avatars…

Aespa’s Karina with her virtual avatar
K/DA’s virtual avatars | @kda_music/Instagram

It has since evolved into groups like SUPERKIND that combine virtual idols with real ones.


Or groups like MAVE: which are entirely composed of virtual idols.

MAVE: | @DazedKorea/Twitter

Virtual idols allow for some creativity in marketing, like how there was already a virtual idol “dating scandal,” and more unique character designs, like how the soon-debuting virtual girl group FE:VERSE, which is comprised of active girl group idols, has eye-catching avatar designs and unique character backstories.

The members of FE:VERSE

AI is even becoming commonly used among netizens who are using the new technology to have some of their favorite artists like BTS‘s Jungkook or Ariana Grande “cover” songs the artists haven’t actually recorded covers for.

With all the developing technology, it wasn’t surprising that HYBE Labels would also venture into AI’s possible applications in the music industry. In an interview with Billboard, HYBE’s chairman Bang Si Hyuk explained that the company had recently acquired Supertone, a voice cloning technology.

We were able to acquire a company, Supertone, that can clone voice completely. Not just tone, but also intonation. So for example, we can record your voice and then put or apply Angelina Jolie’s intonation or her speech and make it into a completely different voice. And this technology can also replicate the character of a person in any language.

— Bang Si Hyuk

Although Bang Si Hyuk didn’t specify how the technology would be used at the time, he explained that they plan to release one of HYBE’s “small scale projects with this company” in May.

This project will debut on May 15 with MIDNATT, which HYBE previously teased with mysterious videos.

But although some netizens are excited about the upcoming release, curious to see what HYBE will bring with the innovative technology…

Many netizens are voicing their displeasure with the project.

HYBE is already in some hot water with fans of artists under HYBE Labels after the company revealed its choice to use dynamic pricing for their artists’ tours. Similarly, K-Pop fans of any artist using Weverse are frustrated with HYBE’s announced changes to the platform. As far as the new project goes, fans are not only frustrated by HYBE’s recent choices, but believe that the company should focus on addressing fans’ concerns instead of new projects.

And fans are also upset that HYBE seems to be discrediting its incredible team of producers and idols with Bang Si Hyuk’s recent comments about the need for incorporating AI in HYBE. In his interview with Billboard, Bang Si Hyuk shared that he doesn’t believe the music industry can rely on human artists.

I have long doubted that the entities that create and produce music will remain human. I don’t know how long human artists can be the only ones to satisfy human needs and human tastes. And that’s becoming a key factor for my operation and a strategy for HYBE.

— Bang Si Hyuk

Fans immediately voiced their frustration with how Bang Si Hyuk’s comments seemed to discredit the producers that have been working with HYBE. Especially since those producers also include some of HYBE’s artists, who continually work on expressing their authentic voices to fans. Similarly, all idols have to work incredibly hard to achieve their debut, leaving fans to argue that an AI artist, as many speculate this project will be, is “an insult” to HYBE’s current groups.

 Many fans argue that most of HYBE’s recent announcements indicate that the company doesn’t care about “any semblance of [a fan and artist] connection.”

And some fans are even equating the launch of AI music, despite fan support, with HYBE’s previous attempt to use NFTs which seemed to halt after BTS’s RM allegedly intervened.

Only time will tell how HYBE’s newest project MIDNATT, will work, which you can read more about here.

Who Or What Is MIDNATT? Unmasking HYBE’s Mysterious New Project

Source: Billboard