HYBE’s Latest Collaboration With Brand RE;CODE Showcases BTS’s Immense Love For ARMYs And The Environment

The idea promotes sustainability and gives ARMYs a real piece of BTS!

Since debuting in 2013, BTS has always been known for their amazing talents, visuals, and charisma. Yet, they have also been praised for constantly promoting and supporting good causes. In particular, they have always done work for the environment and sustainability.

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Earlier in the year, BTS teamed up with Samsung to introduce a new global campaign, Galaxy for the Planet…

| Samsung/YouTube 

And member V even gained praise after using his fashion to support a brand that aims to recycle and upcycle old items alongside working with non-profit organizations that tackle issues, including supporting women’s empowerment.

BTS’s V wore a necklace from a brand that prides itself on sustainability | @thv/Instagram

They also always show their love for ARMYs in their everyday lives, and it seems like BTS has found the perfect way to combine their love for ARMYs and the environment.

It is no secret that, alongside promoting ways to help the environment, BTS actually take action with the things they do during their own promotions. Back in 2021, the group participated at the 76th United Nations General Assembly in New York and looked very dapper in their suits.

BTS’s outfits at the United Nations General Assembly | @recode_/ Instagram

ARMYs later found an Instagram post from Korean fashion RE;CODE explaining that they had created BTS’s suits for the event, and there was a special meaning behind the outfits.

In particular, it caught the attention of fans for being a label that prides itself on being a sustainable fashion brand.

Well, it looks like BTS has teamed up with RE;CODE again to treat ARMYs and prove their dedication to helping the environment.

On September 21, it was announced that RE;CODE would be collaborating with HYBE on a special project. The collaboration would mean that BTS’s stage costumes throughout the years will be used to make patches that will be sewn onto three different types of bags that are made of undyed industrial airbags. Each bag would be unique and marked with a “1” to showcase how limited they are.

The collaboration with BTS and RE;CODE

HYBE Insight later posted a video showcasing exactly what fans could expect. By showing some of the members’ past outfits…

| @HYBEINSIGHTtwt/Twitter  

They then showed designers working their magic on the pieces by cutting out small sections that were then sewn into special bags for ARMYs to carry around. Each bag was designed for the member who had their outfit used in the design, and it’s definitely a unique piece.

| @HYBEINSIGHTtwt/Twitter

| @HYBEINSIGHTtwt/Twitter

Looking at some of the bags already made, it’s the perfect way to carry BTS around in a way that is subtle but also helps the environment.

| @HYBEINSIGHTtwt/Twitter

When the tweet was shared, netizens couldn’t get over how innovative the idea was, adding that it is a refreshing concept that helps the environment but also gives fans a one-of-a-kind piece that directly links to the members.

The bags will be sold online on Kolon’s website and Weverse Shop and offline at HYBE Insight’s shop and Kolon’s shops starting on September 28. If that wasn’t enough, each purchase also comes with BTS photocards and a coupon for RE;CODE products.

As always, BTS and HYBE ensure they are one step ahead in helping the environment. Although HYBE has been criticized for promoting NFTs, BTS always ensures they can do the most to keep fans and the environment in mind.

You can read more about RE;CODE and BTS collaborating below.

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Source: HYBEInsighttwt