Hyolyn Picks IU As The Next Artist She Wants To Collaborate With

A Hyolyn X IU collaboration would literally kill the charts.

Hyolyn, who recently made a comeback with the song, “SAY MY NAME”, appeared on MBC‘s Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song At Noon where she talked about fellow artist, IU.

On the show, the ghost, Kim Shin Young informed Hyolyn of the time IU picked her as one of the most oustanding vocalists.

And Hyolyn had nothing but good things to say back.

She expressed,

We’ve ran into each other before and said hi whenever our activities overlapped. But we never got an opportunity to work together.

— Hyolyn

And Hyolyn wishes to change that.

I really want to collaborate with IU.

— Hyolyn


Say what now?

A Hyolyn X IU collaboration.

Who’d be down for that one?

Source: Insight