HyunA Claims Her 2012 MV “Ice Cream” Got Banned From Broadcasts Because Of Her Eyes

They banned her MV because of her eyes.

On a recent episode of MBC‘s Radio Star, HyunA spoke up about her past revealing outfits as well as an incident when her 2012 MV for “Ice Cream” got banned from broadcasts because of her eyes.


HyunA revealed that due to past experiences of being banned from broadcasts, HyunA now has a rule when it comes to outfit selection.

I have to hide one place on my body. If I reveal my upper body, I have to cover up my lower body. Because my outfits were often the size of my palm, I often got banned from music broadcasts.

— HyunA

She then went on to share a story of a time when she made a separate MV just for TV purposes.

In order to pass the broadcasters’ review, we made a separate MV that only showed closeups of my face.

— HyunA

But the MV ended up getting banned anyway for a completely different and unexpected reason.

But they banned it saying my eyes were too promiscuous.

— HyunA

The MV that got banned was “Ice Cream”, which gained much love from fans for the sexy outfits and choreography that it highlighted.

Netizens are reacting to the surprising story with comments such as “Who’s to say her eyes looked too promiscuous for TV?“, “If it’s HyunA, anything’s sexy“, “Her gaze is pretty sexy“, and “That’s HyunA’s charm though“.

Check out the MV that unfortunately got banned by broadcasters below:

Source: Insight