HyunA Answered A Fan’s Question About Marriage to DAWN In The Best Way Possible

She was very “cool” about it!

HyunA recently held a Q&A on her personal Instagram where she answered fans’ questions. As the topic was “Ask Anything”, fans took the chance to ask her what they had long been curious about. Although HyunA has been very open about her longtime relationship with boyfriend DAWN, she had not answered the question about marriage before.

A fan had posed the question, “When will you get married!

HyunA very wittily replied with a verse from her hit song, “I’m Not Cool”.

I don’t know. I can’t even tell my own mood, Leviosa!

— HyunA

| @hyuna_aa/Instagram

Her honest yet clever response suited the question perfectly. Marriage is not a small matter and everyone has their own pace and time for it. Despite the possibly intrusive question, HyunA handled it like a pro and managed to keep the mood light at the same time. Props to HyunA!


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